6 Ways You Can Use Medium For Your Business As A Content Marketer

3 min readMar 17, 2023
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In today’s digital age, content marketing is the key to success for any business. Blogging and creating quality content has become a crucial part of the marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. With the rise of social media, many platforms have emerged as a hub for content creation, but one platform that stands out for content marketing is Medium. Medium is a platform where writers, bloggers, and content creators can share their work with a large audience. In this article, we will discuss six ways you can use Medium for your business as a content marketer.

What is Medium and How Does it Work?

Medium is an online publishing platform that allows users to write and publish articles on any topic. The platform was founded in 2012 by Evan Williams, who is also the co-founder of Twitter. Medium has gained a massive following since its inception, and it now has over 60 million monthly active users. Medium works by allowing writers to create their profiles and publish articles on the platform. These articles are then categorized into different topics, making it easier for users to find content that interests them.

Create a Professional Profile on Medium

One of the first steps to using Medium for your business as a content marketer is to create a professional profile. Your profile on Medium is the face of your brand on the platform, and it is essential to make it look professional. Your profile should include a professional headshot, a bio that highlights your skills and experience, and links to your website and social media pages. Your bio should be concise and highlight your expertise, making it easier for readers to understand what you offer.

Leverage Medium’s Partner Program to Make Money

Medium’s Partner Program is an excellent opportunity for content creators to make money from their writing. The program allows writers to monetize their work by putting it behind a paywall, meaning readers have to pay to access the content. The revenue generated is then shared between the writer and Medium. To join the Partner Program, you need to apply and be accepted, and you must publish high-quality content that meets…




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