How To Grow Your Instagram With Instagram Bot Without Spam (2021)

Developing your Instagram account in a natural way takes a long time. To speed up the growth of your account, using bots can be a good idea, as long as you use them correctly. In this guide, I’ll explain how to use Instagram bots properly and also which automation service to choose.

What is an Instagram bot?

Instagram bots are bots designed to help your account perform actions such as like, comment, and follow other accounts on Instagram through automation. These are actions that most Instagram users take on a daily basis (follow, like, and comment), but they can take you a long time. With the help of Instagram bots, you can enter metrics, like hashtags or specific accounts to target, and the bot does all the work for you. Some of the most popular bots for Instagram or automation services are Jarvee, Instaboss, etc…

The best Instagram bots to automate Follows, Likes, and Comments

There are many (and I mean MANY) websites out there claiming to provide the most effective bot services for your Instagram account. I’ve tried most of them and so should you, but currently, here are the most effective (and safest) ones I’ve used in the following categories:

Ektora is the most effective bot service. It starts at $99 per month and they offer a 3-day free trial which allows you to test if it generates results for you without risk.

Ektora has good customer service, great analytics, and a unique type of automation software that generates results, as of now. They are also so effective because they are new to the market, which means that Instagram hasn’t yet identified their particular automation software. If you’ve tried automation software in the past or if you’re new to automation, they are worth a try, especially given the free trial period.

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Ingramer is an application that allows Internet users to have better visibility on Instagram. The application uses smart filters to generate automatic likes and follows. Advanced filters also allow for better targeting. These filters also make it possible to unsubscribe from accounts deemed inadequate. With Ingramer, Internet users can schedule their posts to save them time. They can follow the progress of their Instagram accounts using statistical analysis tools. Regarding security, Ingramer guarantees account protection, a support team ensures the confidentiality of sensitive data.

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instazood is an automation tool that makes it easy to get followers and likes on Instagram. The software offers numerous filters as well as personalization settings to increase the number of Instagram followers. To the delight of users, the tool is available on different devices: computer, smartphone, tablet. Instazood provides its users with a very responsive customer service. They can also plan their posts: texts, images, and add specific hashtags to target an audience. Another advantage of Instazood is that it does not need to be downloaded, but can be used directly from the web.

Social Sensei is marketing software designed to increase the number of subscribers of users. The tool aims to give more visibility to users, as well as artists, coaches, celebrities. The software is also suitable for influencers who want to gain more engagement from their followers. Businesses large and small can also make their presence known on Instagram with Social Sensei. Regarding security, the personal data of users is protected. To benefit from Social Sensei’s services, they do not need to communicate their password, Instagram accounts are well secured.

Kicksta is a handy marketing tool that aims to help users gain more visibility on Instagram. Thanks to its automation, the software gets more meaningful engagements from subscribers. In fact, there are automatic likes and automatic subscription options that promote interaction between users. They can target a specific audience corresponding to their expectations through hashtags. The platform also offers the possibility to its users to follow the progress of their accounts on the dashboard. In addition, Kicksta offers guaranteed security to its users.

7 tips for using an Instagram robot correctly

In recent years and after Instagram updated its algorithm, it has become nearly impossible to get help from automation tools. Instagram’s algorithm will soon detect your bot-type activity and you will be banned. The best solution is to hire an Instagram account manager to perform the actions on your behalf or to register on an automation platform with bots but in complete safety. How to do it safely?

Don’t forget to put information on your Instagram profile

Upload the profile picture and don’t leave it blank, add an interesting description in the bio and post a few posts, at least 4–6 posts to start.

Confirm your phone number and verify your email address

Always be sure to confirm and verify your phone number and email address. Numerous cases have shown that Instagram takes action against active Instagram accounts with email confirmation but without a phone number attached to the profile. So make sure your Instagram account has both an email and a phone number.

Don’t start automating your freshly created Instagram account with a bio or an empty email just yet. You will certainly get a quick ban from Instagram.

So what should you do when creating a new Instagram account? Well, every Instagram gurus could tell you the same thing since Instagram’s recent logarithms update last year. And that’s to start slow and target the right account. If you are a Muay Thai gym, you can target followers of similar accounts or people who live near your gym. Or, target based on the hashtag.

For this tip, you need to grow your Instagram account naturally for the first couple of months with the following accounts that are related or could possibly be your target audience and also like and comment on their post. Do it organically, as naturally as possible.

Maintain a consistent posting schedule for Instagram posts

Being active in interacting with others on the platform and sporadically (or never) posting something on the account on your own is not good according to Instagram.

You don’t have to post every day or even every other day, the most important thing is consistency. Once you’ve established a consistent and convenient posting schedule, do your best to maintain it.

Discover your unique activity limits and stay below

Mass activity is as effective for Instagram audience growth as it is destructive for an account when handled carelessly. Before you even start automating the activity, it’s best to determine your limits. Manually count the number of follow-ups, likes, and comments you make in a day, consider this information when you start using an automation tool. Start slowly, set fewer actions than you normally would, then gradually increase the number every other day. Monitor the number of authorized actions and stay below that number at all times. Sudden spikes in activity have serious repercussions

It’s 2020 and Instagram is increasingly trying to stop bots and automation. That’s why you have to look and act naturally so you don’t get banned. The numbers mentioned below are just a starting point. But the exact numbers depend heavily on your account and your history so far. So what are the limits in 2020?

Follow limit: 7–13 followings per hour or 100–150 followings per day are allowed during your waking period, which gives a maximum of 100–150 followings per day.
Limit of likes: 300–400 followed per day (of accounts followed). When liking posts, make sure you like accounts that you follow, otherwise, you increase the chances of getting banned. The best practice would be to like the last three posts of each new account you follow, which will give a total number of 300–400 liked posts per day.
Comments limit: 2–5 comments per hour or 20–30 comments per day. Comments and DMs are more critical. Comments are limited to 2–5 comments per day (20–30 per day). And we have almost the same numbers for DMs.
Private message limit: up to 10 DM per hour under strict considerations. When sending DMs, you should take other notes into account, such as
- Never send the same message to multiple accounts. (what bots and automation do)
- Try to rotate between several DM formats.
- Personalize your direct messages. (be sure to include the name and id of your audience)
- Never attach a link to your DM if this is your first interaction with this user.
- Try to plan the activities of your DM throughout the day.

Avoid spam-type behavior

Automation isn’t the only reason your Instagram account might be banned. There have been many instances where users were successful in automating activities, but the account was suddenly closed due to non-automation-related actions. It could be a blank profile, superficial comments, as mentioned earlier, or the lack of genuine content like in cases where brands just resume posting from other Instagram users.

The list could be long and we cannot know all of the instances and behaviors that Instagram considers spam. The rule of thumb is to review your planned action by asking the question “Does this sound natural?” before applying it. Remember, it’s your account, your content, and your audience that are at stake, so approach automation and overall activity on Instagram with caution.

Are bots the best way to grow your Instagram account?

I don’t think this is the “honest” way to win the engagement game naturally (since it’s a bot), but to some extent, I like the idea of ​​outsourcing your time to make it happen. ‘other things rather than spending hours using the platform on a time-consuming basis every day.

And I can understand that you need bots to do the job in order to gain followers, and I like it when you build your brand for psychological reasons (account with followers seen as awesome account). But to be extremely honest with you, it’s ALWAYS OK to start from 0, spend an hour every day sincerely liking and commenting, following and creating great content to grow your account.

The result you get with your targeting strategy and the platform you use may vary from one to another. If it works for you, this is the best solution. If that doesn’t work for you, then it’s not the best way. So I’ll let you answer this question yourself.

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